Record Cube °01

from Heist Recordings

Keep your most treasured records close with our steel Record Cube °01; A geometric storage module that plays with symmetry and angles for a stylish way to organize your records. With its scratch protected powder coating and aluminium elements, this object combines as much a design object as it is a functional module. While designed to hold records, it will also do well as a storage module for similar sized objects like magazines and coffee table books.

The Record Cube °01 fits approximately 70 records and is available in the following colours: black, ivory, sage green and sapphire blue.

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Heist Recordings Amsterdam, Netherlands

Heist Recordings was founded by Dam Swindle as a means to gain full control over their own releases, and to create a stage for likeminded musicians to showcase their music. From the first release on Heist has been a go to label for proper underground house and electronic music. Now, nearly 50 releases in, Heist has brought forward artists like Frits Wentink, Nebraska, Fouk & Kassian. ... more

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