1. Dam Swindle
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  2. Byron the Aquarius
    Atlanta, Georgia
  3. Demuir
    Toronto, Ontario
  4. Makèz
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  5. Fouk
    Utrecht, Netherlands
  6. Kassian
    London, UK
  7. Perdu
    Amsterdam, Netherlands
  8. Alma Negra
    Basel, Switzerland
  9. adryiano
  10. Nebraska
    London, UK
  11. Crackazat
  12. Felipe Gordon
    Bogotá, Colombia
  13. JKriv
    New York
  14. UC Beatz
    Brussels, Belgium


Heist Recordings Amsterdam, Netherlands

Heist Recordings was founded by Dam Swindle as a means to gain full control over their own releases, and to create a stage for likeminded musicians to showcase their music. From the first release on Heist has been a go to label for proper underground house and electronic music. Now, nearly 50 releases in, Heist has brought forward artists like Frits Wentink, Nebraska, Fouk & Kassian. ... more

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